Ever since the foundation of Seki Trading Company in the year 1979, through the hydraulic machine business for 40 years, SEKI HI-TECH Co., Ltd. has been leading the factory automation and the machine automation. And it established a joint venture company with Rexroth in Germany, which is the top hydraulic company in the world. Afterwards, by acquiring the top technology in the world, it had contributed to the development of the hydraulic technology in Korea. And the products that had been produced have been mainly supplied to the Hyundai Motors Group.

From the year 2000, it had begun the hit pipe business, which is a new business. And, through the steady research of 10 years, it succeeded in the development of the world’s very first LED TV Heatsink. And, as a result, it had supplied the heatproof products on the level of 10 million pieces annually to Samsung Electronics. Not only that, it will lead in the development of the high technologies, including the smartphone heatproof, the battery heatproof products that are inputted into the production of the electric cars, the heatproof for the 5G communications devices, etc.

Ever since the year 2010, by entering into the LED illumination business, it had produced the factory lamps, the streetlamps, the tunnel lamps, etc., which had been the excellent products. Regarding the products that had been produced, by being registered at the Public Procurement Service, they have been supplied to the various places nationwide. Also, regarding the products, including the spotlights, the downlights, etc., by receiving the recognition for the reasonable prices, the whole amounts have been supplied for the illuminations at the Lotte Department Store and the large-sized marts and facilities.

Regarding the management and staff of SEKI HI-TECH, it will always produce the top products and provide the top services, and it will always do the utmost so that our customers can be satisfied and so that our efforts will contribute to the development of the mankind.

All of the management and staff, including the Representative Director Bae, Yeong-gi, at SEKI HI-TECH Co., Ltd.


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